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Buzz Medikal, by which pharma and social media gathered and said “hello” to the advertisement world. Buzz Medikal consists of a team having specialized expertise in digital communication, and professional excellence in pharma industry. Working with the strongest medical institutions, it has accomplished and still accomplishes numerous projects; websites, webseminars, mobile solutions and forum platforms, from planning to design. Buzz Medikal has been known as a trendsetter in pharma communication and introduced the technologies like Augmented Reality, QR Code and more to the medical sphere. Buzz Medikal presents a wide range of social media strategies, effective and innovative in digital health communication in Turkey. In addition, Buzz Medikal has an international team and develops creative mobile strategies for globally well-known brands, offering them innovative solutions. Buzz Medikal offers social media communication, online reputation management, project development, monitoring, analysis and comprehension, production of strategic and creative solutions and many other services and has already established its name on a very solid basis in the digital health world.